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Professional Locksmiths Hollywood Florida are always ready to help in any lock or key situation.
We can help with your lock repair, lock change, safe opening and car lockout service if needed.
Our technicians are masters at opening your house or apartment lockout service.
Our 24 hour roadside service is always helping with new car key replacement and programming

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When in need of professional locksmiths Hollywood Florida, you have called the correct place.
There are many that say they are lock and key service professionals, but are not at all.
We have been serving the people since 1978, word of mouth matters.
For all car keys, lock repair and new installations, servicing all around Hollywood Fl

Our goal is to make every customer happy and safe. We always give professional workmanship and nothing less.
All of our customers are happy when we leave their residence, house or afer we have let them in at a lockout situation.

Some our services are listed below.
Do not think this is all we do, we are professionals and fabricators.
If you want it or need it, just ask.
I am sure we can get you what you want the way you want it.

Emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day

Emergency locksmith services for our customers, night and day.
Our lock and key technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day and every day of the year, all holidays.
We will come o you where you are and open the door, change the lock, or let you in.
New locks installed in the middle of the night, call us - we are available.

Car key replacement and programming

Truck and car keys made on the spot. New car keys programmed to your vehicle.
Professional auto locksmith service, ignition keys made.
Car lockout service is always available. Are the keys locked in the car?
We open all with no damage to the vehicle.
We also replace scooter keys, moped keys and motorcycle keys.

Car ignition lock key repair

Is your car ignition lock damaged or attempted theft?
Car ignition lock repair and replacement service with 24 hour emergency service.
Car key and ignition replacement and repair.
Replacement car keys made and programmed.
Professional auto locksmith factory car key replacement.

Broken key removal & extraction

Did your key break off in the deadbolt lock?
We can remove the broken key and make a new one.
Most times when a key breaks, it is because the lock is not working properly.
When you force a key, it can break off.
try to spray a sticky lock with lubricant and do not force the key, call us.

Buzzer door locks installation & repair

A buzzer door is a slang name for a electric door lock that releases when you press a button.
Most of these older type locks will make a buzzing sound.
This will keep the people that you do not want in your business out.
There are also alarm door locks that make a noise when unauthorized exit occurs.
The only time the door will open is when you push the button, or when you are exiting the door.

Deadbolt lock rekey and repair

Deadbolt lock rekey and repair service.
Single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt lock installation, rekey, and repair.
We have parts for major brand name locks.
Deadbolt on all exterior doors is a must.
We can rekey all the same key or a master key system if needed.
Wifi deadbolt locks, bluetooth, and remote activated locks.
Check your deadbolt lock bolt and make sure it is at least one inch long.

Medeco deadbolt rekey & repair

High security Medeco deadbolt lock rekey and repair service.
Is there a unauthorized person that has your security key?
Having trouble with your Medeco lock, or locking it into the frame?
Authorized Medeco dealer for all service and installation.
Medeco bolts and parts available for repair.
We can rekey multiple locks to work off of the same key.
And we could set up a master key system for them.
Have your Medeco locks repaired correctly by a authorized dealer.

Mul T Lock deadbolt installation and repair service

High security Mul T Lock deadbolt from Isreal.
Services for rekey, parts, and repair service.
Does a unauthorized person have your key?
Having trouble with your Mul T Lock deadbolt lock?
Professional repairs to make factory new again.
Authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer for all service and installation.
All bolts and parts available for repair.

Push button lock and keypads

Push button lock deadbolts and entry locks are used more and more with technology.
Why should you carry a key?
You can have a code assigned to you alone, or as a group.
Codes are easily changed by manager or owner.
Unlimited number of users.
Some push button locks can remember who came in, where and when.
This is called "Audit Trail"
And some keep you out at certain times of the day.

Remote control lock

There are a viriety of remote control locks, as well as remote control lock releases.
We can set your system to what your needs are.
Some of our customers will have a remote they carry at the office like a car remote.
The remote will operate a lock release, you can grant access entry to the people you want it your business.
If the person looks wierd or they just do not want them in, then they do not push the button.
When someone they want to come in, they push the remote and the door unlocks a few seconds.
We also can put a keypad outside for employees to enter without using the remote.
The remote can be carried anywhere in their shop to release the door.
Some people just have a hard wired button that is mounted stationary in 1 location to release.

Safe combination change, safe repair & opening

Safe combination changed to the numbers you want.
We can repair almost any safe lock that is not working properly.
Lost safe combination retrieved and new combination setup.
Digital combinations and dial combination entry setups available.
Safes installed in ground and bolted down to floor.

Crash bar exit device repair and installation

Installation and repair of crash bar, and all exit devices.
Back door lock repair and replacement.
Alarm and pilfer guard exit alarm locks installed and serviced.
Commercial exit life safety devices and egress locking systems installed.
Timed exit delay, and fire marshall approved locks.
Crash bars got the name from when people would crash something into the door and it would release the lock.

Panic bar repair and replacement

Back exit firedoor panic exit device repair and replacement service.
All back fire doors must have a panic exit bar to exit the building freely.
We can repair most if just a part broken on major brand locks.
We will get your building secure at anytime of need.
Alarmed exit bar repair and replacement.

Gate lock installation & repair

Wooden gate locks and metal gate lock repair and installation.
We can fabricate and retrofit a lock to any gate.
The first thing is, the gate and frame must be in good working condition.
Most gate locks will have a automatic locking function on them if properly done.
And on most that you can not reach through, you should exit freely.
On gates with reach through, we use a double key lock system.
The lock "latch" will always have a protection guard to stop prying.
We can istall a key lock, or a push button, or electric release type on these.

Sliding glass door lock repair

The factory standard sliding door lock on aluminum frame doors are insufficient.
Is your door lock not locking easily or not at all?
We specialize in sliding glass door lock repair and replacement.
There are many types of sliders, but most have a lock that can be lifted out of.
The thieves have been entering homes this way for a long time.
We all come up with the broomstick or a piece of wood.
Some will use the push in pin type.
These are all good, but the thief has master their entry through these doors.
They use small stiff steel tools to reach under your door and move your broomstick.
Or punch a hole from outside and push your pin right back at you and unlock the door.
Auxiliary sliding door deadbolt locks installed, lift and pry free.

Locked out of the house

When you are locked out of the house, it is the most terrible feeling.
There you are, and can not even get into your place of safety and relaxation.
Call the professional lock picks to get you in safely.
We specialize in all types of lockout situations.
High security lockouts, broken lock and lost or stolen key lockouts.
Residential lockout service is availabe at anytime you need us.
Houses unlocked, apartment door picked open, condo broken lock entry.

Keys locked in the car

We all have done it, or are going to do it,- keys locked in the car?
We are master lock and key experts to get your keys out with no damage.
The later model cars are made more secure than earlier years.
Make sure if you lock your keys in the car and you do not know how to open it - DONT!
Some people have been seriously injured as they set off a airbag,
and it jams the tool right back at them when triggered.
Or you pull apart wiring that is needed for windows, locks and other functions.
We have special tools and are highly trained to open the most complex vehicles.
This is why, We - are the locksmiths.

Mailbox lock key change

Authorized USPS postal mailbox lock open and replace and change lock.
Mail box lock opening and new keys and lock changed.
We come to your residential complex and you must know which box to open.
We give two new mailbox keys to our customers when we replace the lock.
Most can not be repaired, as they are small tumblers and it would cost more laborwise.
Some of the older USPS original brass locks last forever, we can rekey that type.
All postal lock type box locks can be rekeyed.

Broken lock repair and replace

Is your lock broken and need repair?
Locks will wear out like anything else.
We have parts and replacements for almost all of your needs.
We will have your property safe and secure.
If it is broken beyond repair, we will replace it.
If we have the parts, most for brand name hardware, then we repair.
All deadbolt type repair, rekey and replacement services.
Commercial, residential, and industrial locking device technology and knowledge.

Master key lock system

When we rekey locks in a building complex, we usually have a master key system.
This will allow one key to work every door on site.
Each office to say can have it's own unique key, different from all others.
You can have as many different offices as you want.
Then your master key will work all of them.
Or you can put a group master as well.
Say office 1 through 10 you want a master just for those alone
and they still are unique to each other.
Any type of master key system designed to your needs.
Custom made master lock and master key locking designs.

Medeco deadbolt lock repair & rekey

Mul T Lock deadbolt lock repair and rekey

Push Button lock repair and installation

Deadbolt lock rekey and repair

Buzzer door lock repair and installation

Broken key removal and repair

Car ignition lock repair

Car key replacement, new keys

Emergency locksmith service

Remote control lock

Safe combination change

Crash bar fire door lock repair

Panic exit crash bar repair and replacement

Gate lock repair and installation

Sliding glass door lock repair

Locked out of the house

Keys locked in the car

Mailbox lock key change

Broken lock repair and replace

Master key lock system

We guarantee professional locksmith service Hollywood Florida.

Serving South Florida since 1978.

If you are in Hollywood or surrounding area, we will service your locking needs.

We are part of the Chuck The Locksmith Team.